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Eddy Gordo 
I've been building this character since my teens on PlayStation 2. My reasoning was that 'If it's difficult to deal with a spamming Eddy, what more if I could control it?'.
I also like representing the lowest tier character in the game. The wins are more satisfying when they get smoked by an 'Easy Character' 

I select Jack as my second main seeing that it's the opposite archetype from Eddy Gordo. He's less mix up, more 'Poke' heavy. Best of both worlds! 


I'll break both characters down dividing them by the following categories:

  • Pokes
  • Grabs 
  • Feints 
  • Launchers
  • Combos

Noobity Noob | All Characters 

I will then make the effort on at least learning easy pokes and combos
for the rest of the roster to get some familiarity outside of my mains.


I'm considering streaming, and adding clips to my profile because why not?
I already enjoy documenting my interests! Currently unsure if I should add it along my Performance Arts content.  


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