How I cured my ADHD

Let's start with subverting our expectations. You can only mitigate, not cure ADHD completely. The true first step is to probably recognise that. I write this blog to organise my thoughts and to document my progress over the years in some way. Perhaps I could even make a YouTube Video on it one day to maybe help a stranger out. If the word count blows up, maybe this turns into a book. For now, a blog is fine. It gives me enough satisfaction. Besides, it's good if we're in a universe where I lose my memory in the future.

Disclaimer, I'm not a licensed Psychologist or a Doctor. This journey worked for me and should only be used as reference. We all have different external and genetic factors. 

1. Authentication

It all begins in the Philosophy. We need to verify our identity. The bolts and gears of what makes us run through our days. I've had to accept that there's an issue. I discovered this during my Computer Science Degree, working side-by-side with a diverse group of individuals. I've had the upbringing that Work Ethic trumps all Talent, and that helped me have good grit. But what if you've done everything you can but you still just can't make the cut? Well, that's what I learnt here.

At this phase of my life, I learnt that Talent truly does exist, regardless of whether a personality is ideal, and that was a hard pill to swallow. Who'd want that condescending asshole with questionable morals to be considered smarter than you? In a game of Chess, there are players who could never reach the Grandmaster Title in spite of dedicating most of their lives to the game. This limit isn't unique to the board-game. It happens in any industry I could think about, and one blatant and tangible example I can share are NBA Players. Everyone can work hard with their dribbling, shooting and tactical play but if you're under 6 Feet, you're less likely to make the top percentile of players. Height from my experience is just like the Brain. Sometimes there are just things that others can see that we cannot. Even Grandmasters can still hang their 'Queen'. It's not all negative though because the same idea applies to them. It's very likely that we've got a visual perception on particular things that we take for granted as normal, but they wouldn't necessarily see. 

2. Protocol

'One at a time!' -an advise so annoying to hear for such distracted humans. C'mon, like gee, why didn't I think of that? It turns out, it really was the answer. It's the ultimate 'Diet and Exercise' of ADHD persons that anyone who'd want to lose weight just dreads to hear. Let me explain my view on this, mate. Our brain is likely very creative and so our ideas sprouts into different branches. This is great for brainstorming, and maybe even creating meaningful relationships with people. We'll call this template of thinking a 'Protocol'. It's what we use when solving problems and the patterns we'd recognise would be based on this. 

This reminds me of a Biology Project that I couldn't start in High School. Let's call our teacher Ms. Oliver, and my friend 'Mickey'. The class was scheduled to instead give out advise on the big project instead of a normal lecture. Mickey and I were the only ones who haven't started it. Mickey gave me a sense of relief that I wasn't alone but Ms. Oliver was concerned and rightfully so.  I remember her distinctively saying 2 things 

My Main Meditative Tools for ADHD

1.  Legos 

2. Book

3. Fitness

Tools that adds Mental Flourish







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