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Chess Journal

Welcome to my Chess Space. Let's face it Regi, you're the only one who's gonna read this nerdy crap. This is where I dump all my thoughts about the strategy board game.  ------- Panick in the 'd4' London System  This was an interesting game for me. I tried to go for the London System with d 4 but I panicked when Anonymous went for e5 . I'm pretty sure that I was supposed to take back but instead I went for e4 to "Control the centre". My logic there didn't really make sense. Granted, my full attention wasn't there so I forgive myself and this game made me wish that I was an e4 player.  I like this game though because tactical play saved my messy Opening. I was so sure initially that his rating was a lot higher than mine until he missed Qe7. ------- Puzzle Storm High Score for the Month ------- Just a tad more textbook with the London here.

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